Buying Service (Korea Spree)

How does this works?

– All orders will be purchased on daily basis once payment is received, and items will be sent back with BEADSOFBULLETS goods.

1. You’ll pay for the product price first (inclusive of domestic shipping + service charge)
2. Once items reached warehouse, second payment will be calculated and items will be shipped to Singapore within 3-7 working days.
3. Pick up from any of our meet up location for free or get it delivered within SG at a fixed price


I would like to get clothes from mixxmix, attach link below > get quote > make payment. Items will be delivered within a few working days and it’ll be consolidated and shipped together!

You’ll only be charged for the weight of your items for 2nd payment, no extra charges for forwarding!

– Save on EMS fees!
– Save on domestic shipping!
– Local delivery charges will be FIXED regardless of weight *applicable only for express
– Short waiting time as we have goods to be sent to Singapore every 1~2 weeks basis.

*only for Singapore

1. Fill in the form with links + descriptions!

Eg. (White / Size S)

A link with information being provided will do.

2. Get Quote
A price quotation will be sent to you via email and purchase will be done when payment is received.
You can pay it in SGD via iBanking / PayNow / PayLah! / Bank Transfer or Deposit.

3. Complete!
Items will be sent to our warehouse and delivery will be arrange to Singapore.

Recommended shops:

1. Payment must be done via SGD
— Singapore: Bank Transfer / iBanking / Paynow / Paylah!
3. Full refunds will be given if the item is sold out (for any online shopping malls)
4. Service charge will be 5% of the product price.
5. BEADSOFBULLETS can help to purchase things from any available website, but we will not be responsible if the seller did not dispatch the goods. (*especially for fansite goods)

6. BEADSOFBULLETS will NOT be responsible for any missing goods that are not being dispatched from seller.
7. All items MUST be sent to BEADSOFBULLETS’s warehouse.

In any case there’s a need for BEADSOFBULLETS to be the one communicating with the seller, please ensure to be clear to avoid any miscommunications.

EMS to Singapore

Buying Request Form