Korea Buying Service

1. Send a request!

It can be things from Korea online shopping malls / twitter purchases / onsite purchases.

A link with information being provided will do.


2. Get Quote

A price quotation will be sent to you and purchase will be done when payment is received.

For SG buyers, you can pay it in SGD via iBanking / PayNow / PayLah! / Bank Transfer or Deposit.

For international buyers, you can pay it via PayPal in USD.

*please note that PayPal fees must be covered by you.


3. Complete!

Items will be sent to our warehouse and delivery can be arrange to Singapore or your designated country. You can proceed on choosing the delivery.

*Please note that BEADSOFBULLETS can help to purchase things from any available website, but we will not be responsible if the seller did not dispatch the goods.

*Can converse fluently in Korean.

Buying Request Form