Korea Bank Transfer Service

1. Send a request!
Fill in the form with the required details below and an email will be sent back to you within 24 hours.

2. Get Quote
A price quotation will be sent to you via email and transaction will only be made when payment is received.

Conversion will be done from SGD -> KRW
For overseas customers, conversion will be done strictly from USD -> KRW

For SG buyers, you can pay in SGD via iBanking / PayNow / PayLah! / Bank Transfer or Deposit.

For international buyers, you can pay via PayPal in USD.
*please note that PayPal fees must be covered by you.

3. Complete!
Transaction receipt will be sent to you via email once completed. You may request us to transfer at a specific timing as well, just indicate your request on the form below!


*Transaction will be done every night (within 24 hours) unless requested.

*Immediate transaction will be done during working hours after verification

1. Payment must be made via SGD/USD
— Singapore: Bank Transfer / iBanking / Paynow / Paylah!
— Overseas: PayPal ONLY
2. Full refunds will be given only if the sum is being refunded back.
3. BEADSOFBULLETS will not be responsible if the account number provided is incorrect.





Korea Bank Transfer Service Form

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