Wholesale Supplier

Get discounts when you order it bulk, apply it below!

Wholesale from Seoul

  • Items will shipped directly from Seoul
  • Wholesale rate will be given regardless of quantity
  • No extra charges for forwarding/combing your packages
  • EMS / Airmail / Fedex / DHL only

Combine and ship to Singapore

  • Discount varies depending on orders
  • Free pick up

Fanbase Group Order

  • Discount varies depending on orders
  • Free delivery for orders above 50 copies

1. Payment must be done via SGD/USD
— Singapore: Bank Transfer / iBanking / Paynow / Paylah!
— Overseas: PayPal ONLY
3. Full refunds will be given if the item is sold out
4. Wholesaler gets the priority.
5. Items will be stored for free for FREE.

EMS / Airmail / Fedex / DHL

Wholesale Supplier Form

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