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. All prices listed below are INCLUSIVE of EMS fees + handling fees to Singapore
. Mass collection venue = Sengkang / Woodlands / Tampines
. Delivery options = Normal Postage / Parknparcel / Express Courier (2nd payment will be asked)

. Please submit your payment FIRST before filling up this form below.
. In any case there’s anything that is/are not listed, please email ( to check/request

*Overseas orders are accepted, please send an email to ( for the total price to your designated country.




POSB Savings: 106-27304-9
OCBC Frank: 5650 2223 3001


*all customers will receive discount code for the NEXT bts album for any BT21 Batch 2 purchase.

*free local delivery will be provided for any purchases above $200SGD


BT21 Basic Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt — $43SGD
*Size XS / S / M / L / XL


BT21 Drawing Eco Bag — $33SGD

BT21 Lying Doll Keyring (11CM) — $22SGD

BT21 Camo Hoodie — $88SGD
*Size XS / S / M / L / XL


BT21 Doll Pencil Case — $21SGD


BT21 Pen — $7SGD

BT21 Standing Figure (M) — $28SGD


BT21 Mask  — $6SGD

BT21 Face Doll Hair Band — $19.50SGD

BT21 Standing Figure (L) — $43SGD

BT21 Twin Highlighter — $15.50SGD

BT21 Twin Plus Pen — $15.50SGD

BT21 Pencil — $8SGD

BT21 4 Color Ballpen — $12SGD

BT21 Slogan Knit Scarf — $35SGD

BT21 Knit Gloves — $26SGD

BT21 Beanie — $29SGD

BT21 Phone Holder — $33SGD

BT21 Figure Silicone Case — $35SGD

*iPhone X, iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8+

BT21 Mirror Face Doll Keyring — $19.50SGD

BT21 Deco Sticker — $4SGD

BT21 Canvas Cross Bag — $63SGD

BT21 Doll Pen — $13SGD

BT21 Smile Cushion (30CM) — $47.50SGD

BT21 Smile Cushion (42CM) — $67.50SGD

BT21 Customizing Sticker — $22SGD

BT21 Lying Hairband — $20.50SGD

BT21 Coin Purse — $23.50SGD

BT21 Wireless Charging Pad — $55SGD

BT21 Doll Hair Tie — $12.50SGD

BT21 Sleeping Pajamas Set — $73SGD

BT21 Transparent Passport Case — $13SGD

BT21 Women’s Socks Set — $18SGD

BT21 Luggage Belt — $31SGD

BT21 Luggage Tag — $20.50

BT21 Charging Cable — $28SGD
*8-pin, USB Type C

BT21 Face Cushion — $36SGD

BT21 Hand Sanitiser — $11SGD

BT21 Hoodie Blanket — $50SGD

BT21 Hoodie Neck Cushion — $40SGD

BT21 Costume Hoodie — $91SGD

*Size S/M/L/XL

BT21 Finger Ring — $23SGD

BT21 Folding Wallet — $36SGD

BT21 Badge Set — $16SGD

BT21 Handle Thermo — $41SGD

BT21 Bag Set — $29SGD

BT21 Face Cushion — $36SGD

BT21 Doll Slipper — $47SGD

BT21 Figure Pen — $9SGD

BT21 Mini Pillow Cushion — $41SGD

BT21 Pattern Pajamas Set — $83SGD

BT21 Mesh Backpack — $96SGD


BT21 Finger Ring — $21SGD

BT21 Ver 2 Pen — $7SGD

BT21 Lying Doll Hairpin — $15SGD

BT21 Enamel Passport Case — $33SGD

BT21 Silicon Nametag — $19SGD

BT21 Face Doll Magnet — $12SGD

BT21 Doll Magnet — $13.50SGD

BT21 B5 Notebook — $8SGD

BT21 Sleeping Eyemask — $19SGD

BT21 Face Doll Keyring (10CM) — $20SGD

BT21 Enamel Coin Purse — $35SGD

BT21 Enamel Pouch — $39SGD

BT21 Shoebag — $43SGD

BT21 Stand Ring — $22SGD

BT21 Silicone Hand Mirror — $16SGD

BT21 Cushion (65CM) — $143SGD

BT21 Monthly Planner — $12SGD

BT21 Character Slippers — $20SGD


BT21 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve — $55.50SGD


BT21 Clear Bottle — $24.50SGD

BT21 Keychain (12CM) — $21SGD

BT21 Handy Fan — $41SGD

BT21 Standing Doll (M) — $47SGD

BT21 Cushion (30CM) — $43SGD

BT21 Cushion (42CM) — $59.50

BT21 Stationery Edition Set — $83SGD