IVE – DICON VOLUME N°20 IVE : I haVE a dream, I haVE a fantasy

DEADLINE: 22 Jun 24, 6PM SGT

+ No Gift
+ Select ‘Not Applicable’ if self-collecting at Mid View City or opting for delivery.



Ver A Includes

180p Photobook + Lucky Card Set & Tin Case + 4cut Sticker Set + Photocard Set + Selfie Photocard

Ver B Includes

180p Photobook + Acrylic & Paper Diorama + 36p TMI Note + Photocard Set + Double-Sided Photocard & Holder Case

Release: 29 Jul 24


Yujin (Ver A), Yujin (Ver B), Gaeul (Ver A), Gaeul (Ver B), Rei (Ver A), Rei (Ver B), Wonyoung (Ver A), Wonyoung (Ver B), Liz (Ver A), Liz (Ver B), Leeseo (Ver A), Leeseo (Ver B)


Not Applicable, Collection at Orchard Gateway