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Select the product(s) you would like to purchase then click on ADD TO CART

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Select your preferred collection/shipping method before clicking on CHECKOUT

Here are the available options for collection/shipping;
Mass Collection @ Sengkang/Woodlands/Tampines
Local Normal Postage
Local Express Delivery
Overseas Delivery

*Additional charges applicable for delivery, pre-payment of a fixed deposit will be collected first, PLEASE TAKE NOTE


All collections are free of charge.

Mass Collection
All collection mails will be sent 1~2 days in advance.

Sunday: Sengkang + Tampines / Sengkang + Woodlands
(Venue will be different on every weekend, either Sengkang and Woodlands OR Sengkang and Tampines)


All items will be mailed within one to two weeks after the arrival of goods.

You are highly recommend to opt for express delivery to prevent lost parcels.
We will not be liable for any parcels lost by using normal postage during the duration after posting out.

Stated deposit is needed and any excess will be refunded.
An e-mail will be sent to you if there is a need to top up.

Local Normal Postage: Tracking number is not provided. Not liable of lost mails.
ParknParcel: Tracking number is provided, self pick up at stated mall.
Local Express Delivery: Tracking number is provided and SMS notification will be sent.

Poster and Album have to be sent separately due to the new rules and regulations from Singpost.

*Poster will be sent either folded/rolled with poster tube.
You may purchase the poster tube @ 3SGD if you want your poster to be protected.

*All folded poster(s) will be sent together with the album(s) in a package.

Overseas Delivery
50SGD deposit is needed and any excess will be refunded.
An e-mail will be sent send to you if there is a need to top up.

3. Shipping & Account

Click on CHECKOUT once you’re done selecting your preferred collection/shipping method

If you have shopped with BEADSOFBULLETS before, please enter your login details so the system will be able to retrieve your information.

You may also choose to check out as guest and proceed onto the next page to fill up your personal details and required information, no details will be saved

*Strongly advisable for customers to create an account to save the hassle from typing the same information all over again!

4. Payment

Select your preferred payment method on your right.

Here are the available options for payment;
I-Banking / Paylah! / PayNow
Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit
Concealed Cash


All payment must be done within 24 to 48 hours time frame.
It will be processed and verified within 24 to 48 hours time frame as well.

In any case your payment is not being verified within the time frame stated, please email (beadsofbullets@hotmail.com)

For all ATM payments, we require a snapshot of your ATM receipt.
*We deserve all rights to reject your order if no ATM receipt is shown*

Concealed Cash:
Personal address and details will be sent via e-mail.
We will not be responsible if the money is lost/stolen.


*additional 5%+0.50 will be charged for paypal fees

Please note that by adding item(s) into your cart, it does not signify you have successfully purchased the item(s).
Item(s) is/are only secured upon verification of payment.

5. Place Order

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*please check your junk mail as well!

6. Complete!

All orders are being submitted on daily basis.

The average waiting time for all pre-ordered items to arrive will take about 1~2 weeks after released date

Collection e-mail will be sent once your order is ready for collection

For postage, all items will be mailed within one to two weeks after the arrival of goods

*waiting time subjected to changes

Extra information

Order status
On-hold: You’ve placed an order with us and have yet to make payment.
Processing: Payment has been verified and order(s) has/have been sent to supplier.
Completed: Collected/Delivered.
Refunded: Refunds done due to out of stock.
Cancelled: Failed to receive payment within 24~48 hours time frame.