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Fromis_9 – Midnight Guest

DEADLINE (Supplier Ver): Please order by 5 Jan 22, 6PM SGT for first batch release/guarantee preorder benefits
DEADLINE (Site Ver): 10 Jan 22, 6PM SGT


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CD + Photobook + Postcard + Mini Card + Film Photo + Photocard + Lyrics Paper

First Press Benefit: Poster

Release: 17 Jan 22


Supplier Ver (No Gift), Weverse Ver (Gift: 1 Undisclosed Polaroid + 1 Polaroid Case), AppleMusic Ver (Gift: 2 Photocards), Synnara Ver (Gift: 1 Photocard), Interpark Ver (Gift: 1 Polaroid Photocard), MusicKorea Ver (Gift: 1 Hologram Photocard), Aladin Ver (Gift: 1 Hologram Postcard)