DEADLINE (Supplier Ver): Please order by 4 Jul 22, 6PM SGT for first batch release/guarantee preorder benefits
DEADLINE (Site Ver): 13 Jul 22, 6PM SGT

+ Site Ver takes at least 2 weeks to arrive in SG, subjected to delay on respective site.
+ Please note that ordering multiple of the same albums from different Sites do not guarantee that there will be no duplicate versions.

+ All options are for ONE (1) RANDOM album except for Weverse Set.




CD + 68p Photobook + STAYC Official Fragrance Card + Photocard + Circle Card

First Press Benefit: Poster

Release: 20 Jul 22


Supplier Ver (No Gift), Withmuu Ver (Gift: 1 Hologram Photocard), Everline Ver (Gift: 1 Photocard), AppleMusic Ver (Gift: 2 Photocard), KTOWN4U Ver (Gift: 1 Photocard), 1 Random Album, Weverse Ver (Gift: 1 Selfie Photocard + 1 Photocard Frame), 1 SET, Weverse Ver (Gift: 3 Selfie Photocard + 2 Photocard Frame + 1 Group Lenticular)